Artist CL De Loache'
Cheryl De Loache' is a painter who is driven by a passion for self-expression through art. Her works are often noted for their unique style, elegance and technique. Cheryl paints with a style that blends precise realism with impressionism. Her use of vibrant colors and soft edges make her work an excellent choice for a wide range of projects and purposes.   Her aspirations are that the Artistic endeavors of each painting stimulate, provoke, and beckon the conscious and subconscious passions of the viewer to encounter the charisma of the world’s seen and unseen existence that draws one’s essence to the symphony of the ultimate Designer; breathing in a whisper, ‘I love you forever’ in each breath of the natural world. Art has the power to speak to the soul with artistic configurations of prayers bringing peace and healing within the viewer . . . . . her dream for the human heart. The Artist's work is centered on narrative interpretation, blending realism and impressionism creating an interactive viewing experience for the viewer. The mediums of choice for the works are oils, acrylics, graphite, and mixed media – thought not limited to these materials. Drawing inspirations for each work from a host of beauty that surrounds our world DeLoache' strives to reach into the hearts of every viewer bringing peace and harmony within.   As a young child, art has always evoked her soul innermost being creating within the desire to record such passion in a verity of media. De Loache's first works were sold at 14 teen in collections of native birds painted on natural wood located in small seafood town on the southern coastal areas. Her art has been juried into several shows, received individual recognition and awards.   Didactic Endeavors Self-taught artist: • Attended art workshop, classes offered through institution, and in studying different techniques to learn how to apply them to artistic endeavors. • Monitoring event, trends, and other circumstances, researching specific subject areas, attending art exhibitions, and art publications, expanding perceptive and keep current on art world activities. • Member of several art groups and associations.  

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