Check out some of my art at Gallery at Midtown -- for directions click on the link above. I will be rotating out various pieces and available at the Gallery on some days! Feel free to contact us for more information. • See my feature in CityARTCal’s Engagement Book by clicking on the link below! I’m the December Calendar Girl! (pg. 143) The 2013 Fine Art in Dallas is a 128-page engagement book with 100 color plates of original art of 72 Fine Artists from the Greater Dallas area. Most art in the book is available for sale. • Ongoing Display | 11am – 6pm   BLOG PAGEs I invite you to leave comments. These are some of my resent Art Works on Display. FACE BOOK PAGE •  Love the Art but want a more affordable option?  Shobek Studio Fine Art by CL De Loache’  offers prints in two categories. Limited Edition* Giclee Prints and High Quality Prints. •What is Limited Edition Giclee? The term “Giclée print” connotes an elevation in printmaking technology. Images are generated from high-resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas, fine art, and photo-base paper. The Giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction. The quality of the Giclée print rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes and is commonly found in museums, art galleries, and photographic galleries. Numerous examples of Giclée prints can be found in New York City at the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and others. Recent auctions of Giclée*  prints have fetched amounts displaying increases in value and noting their worth as investments. Limited Edition Giclee Prints are stretched and varnished. The artist actually paints portions back onto the print and adds their signature for a very close to original look. They are printed in limited quantities of 200-500, so although you do not have the original, you have a valuable piece of artwork that has one of a kind qualities. A High Quality Print is our most affordable option. It is printed on brilliant white canvas or watercolor paper and shipped in a rolled package. To view available print options, take a look through the fine art Galleries or Contact us for more information. Dip your bush in together, we can create a colourful world that is both inspiring and bright. Questions? Whether you want to know how to order a specific size or to request a quote for a Commission piece, or interested in Beginner Art Lessons, we can help!

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